J. Fish Psychology Associates, Inc.


Topics Covered

    Core Mindfulness

      1. States of Mind

         a. Reasonable Mind

         b. Emotion Mind

         c. Wise Mind

     2. Taking Hold of Your Mind: "What" Skills

        a. Observe

        b. Describe

        c. Participate

     3. Taking Hold of Your Mind: "How" Skills

        a. Non-Judgmental Stance

        b. One Mindfully

        c. Effectively

   Mindfulness Strategies in Action

      1. Self-Guided Imagery Using the 5 Senses

      2. Diaphragmatic Breathing

      3. Light Stream Visualization

      4. Metaphors

   Improving the Moment: Short Term Strategies

     1. Changing Body Chemistry

     2. Distract with Wise Mind ACCEPTS

     3. Self-Soothing

   Radical Acceptance: Long Term Strategies

     1. Turning the Mind

     2. Willingness vs. Willfulness

     3. Mindful to Current Thoughts & Emotions

   Distress Tolerance Strategies in Action

     1. Clear Mind

     2. IMPROVE  the Moment

     3. Sensory Awareness

     4. Cope Ahead

     5. Reality Acceptance